Kill or Cure?

“Feed a cold, starve a fever” went the now discredited pearl of wisdom. How about “Ride 50km, drink a double macchiato then cycle back 50km”?

For the last two days I’ve had fluctuating temperature, a tight chest, coughs and splutters all through the day and night and very sensitive skin. I felt slightly better this morning so I got my 2018 cycling season off to a spluttering start.

A 100km solo in the cold and wind of Essex. Only another 149 to do to achieve my 2018 distance goal.

I did think I was hallucinating at one point when I saw a giant traffic light speeding towards me. It turned out to be three riders in flouro winter jackets in green, yellow and red – in that order!

I can’t recommend this treatment yet as I won’t find out until tomorrow if it was a good idea or not. I do know I will be less wise whatever the outcome – I’m having that wisdom tooth removed.


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