Giro di Muscoli

On the 5th May 2020 I was 60.

It was the original inspiration for what most 60 year olds don’t do.

I’d planned a series of rides from my London club, Islington CC to my Italian Club, La Centinarolese via Arnhem in The Netherlands. A Grand Tour style event. Two weeks, over 2,300km, 15 stages, including a Grand Depart, a Dutch Stage, an Alpine Weekend and a Finishing Weekend to raise money for research and care for patients of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) / Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/SLA).

Originally planned for 6th June – 21st June 2020 (World Motor Neurone Disease Day)

The tour was called

The Giro di Muscoli

All in the name of my dear friend Gerben Gravendeel, who has the disease.

Gerben preparing for the Amsterdam City Swim 2019

Three years in the planning, then this happened:

The Giro couldn’t take place in June, so we re-organised it for September in the hope that we’d be between waves of the virus and the borders would be open. With two weeks to go we realised we couldn’t run an international event so the Giro became a three country event, starting in the UK, then The Netherlands, finishing in Italy.

The Giro di Muscoli raised far more than we ever thought possible. An amazing

€ 115,852.79

By the time I’d finished, my stats were:

15 Stages | 2,320km | 19,468m climbing | 70,059 calories

The full story of my Giro is here:

Stage 1 Arnhem – The Hague, 177km

Stage 2 The Hook of Holland – Arnhem, 162km

Stage 3 Arnhem – Maastricht, 175km

‘Rest Day’

Stage 4 San Marino, 182km

Stage 5 Ancona, 209km

Stage 6 Monte Catria, 154km

Stage 7 Monte Nerone, 148km

Stage 8 Monte Petrano, 133km

Stage 9 Urbino, 115km

Stage 10 Umbria, 162km

Stage 11 Cesenatico, 202km

Stage 12 Colline del Metauro, 140km

Stage 13 Corinaldo, 141km

Stage 14, Il Cippo, 138km

Stage 15, Gabbice Monte – Fano, 82km

Replay, Gabbice Monte – Fano, 82km