Birthday Boy

Photo: Not what you might expect to see on a cold, sleety and grey day in central London, but I passed these London Zoo residents every 4.4km as I lapped The Regent’s Park.

Today is my 4th birthday (see ABOUT for an explanation).

I was going to mark the occasion with a 200km Audax yesterday. The forecast was for 1-3º and heavy rain all day. I didn’t fancy 200km of being wet and cold. Half the field felt the same way as me and didn’t make it to the start line. Seventy brave, or foolish, souls did start out. Sixty made it to the finish line. They are made of stronger stuff than me.

Whilst we were in the coffee shop yesterday reflecting on the fact that I wasn’t on the bike and Jan wasn’t running the streets of London we hatched a plan. Within two hours we had booked flights and accommodation for our own private winter training camp. Five days in Malaga in February. Jan will run every morning and I’ll ride, leaving the afternoon/evening to explore Malaga.

I was determined to get out on the bike today whatever the weather. I decided to do laps of The Regent’s Park as I could always bail and go for a coffee in the park if it got too much. It was 1º when I started out and didn’t get any warmer. What it did get was wetter. First rain, then sleet. I had completed five laps and decided I wanted to do ten then head home. The last two laps were so cold I lost all feeling in my toes and fingers. I had every bit of winter kit I own on, but it wasn’t enough.

What I learnt is that I made the right decision not to ride 200km in the cold and wet. I love being on the bike, but I just don’t have the kit to do that kind of riding. Nor do I have any plans to get any.




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