Off Road

Photo: One look out of the window told me all I needed to know.


Unable to exercise the legs this week I exercised the mind.

I completed Kent University’s ‘The Science of Endurance Training & Performance’ online course. Of particular interest to me was the nutrition and recovery section as I don’t like to eat much when on the bike. According to the science I am under fuelling during rides. This isn’t so much of a problem when I rest and recover the following day but I need to fuel more for multi day events.

Every day this week I studied my Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course. I’m going to teach English to my Italian cycling club, the Centinarolese. Hopefully this will help the eight riders coming to London in June for the ICC Italian Job. Only yesterday I asked how many people would like lessons. So far 35 have signed up. “We’re going to need a bigger boat”.

I’ve also been doing an Italian lesson each day to keep me from forgetting everything whilst we’re back in London.

The most satisfying use of my brain this week was an hour long call with the Motor Neurone Disease Association. I explained our ideas behind the Club Ride Grand Tour event in 2020. They are going to support our efforts with advice, research and publicity etc. They will allocate an Events Manager to help us. Great news. There is much work to be done for this challenge but hopefully we should raise awareness and money to help tackle this terrible disease.

“My brain hurts” T.F. Gumby


Year to date

2,378km / 24 rides / 99.08km average per ride

19,265m elevation gain (2.29 Everests)






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