Small World Part 2

Photo: The joy of getting a little lost on the bike from time to time is the discovery of things along the way. This ‘Canal Trollys’ sculpture for example.

As today’s blog is a continuation of Small World then you might need to re/read that first.

Today’s ride was a homage to my mate Keith. In the original Small World blog entry he, a Southend-on Sea boy, commented: “You would of course know that I grow up eating Rossi ice cream”.

I rode 80km just to have a Rossi Ice Cream in Southend. Imagine how I felt when I discovered this:


I was gutted. That’s a long way to find the place closed. The good news was that only 50m along the esplanade I found my target.


A 152km round trip just for an ice cream. It’s not even a great route. I rode as many country lanes as I could but not the most scenic of rides. At least it was the first mudguard free ride of the season.

About Keith. What can I say? We’ve been mates for years, we worked together, now we’re both retired. The best way to describe Keith is by using a few randomly selected photos of him from over the years. They might say something about him. Cheers Keith.

Keith smile_editedDSC02349P1000054IMG_2745IMG_9359

Year to date

3,009km / 30 rides / 100.3km average per ride

19,265m elevation gain (2.9 Everests)


  • Funny, no photos of Keith with an icecream. something else, I see sunshine! Is this really England?


  • Hi Col
    Thanks for the mention
    You should have taken in Old Leigh as well as Rossi’s on Southend Seafront. I say this because as well as Rossi Ice Cream I did indulge in the odd pint in the Crooked Billet. A habit that, looking at the selection of photos, seems to have stuck!!!!!


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