A nod and a wink

Photo: I was planning on heading into Umbria but I was cut off at the pass.

A nod and a wink. That’s how it works here in Italy.

This week we had lunch with our dear friends G&M. It was a typical Italian affair. We received the invite with two hours notice. As the end of lunch approached we spotted M signalling to the owner. We knew exactly what it meant. “We’re paying, don’t accept any money from these English people”. As hard as we tried to pay our way, we got nowhere.

The same thing happened on my ride yesterday. Stopping for coffee at the start of the ride I spotted fellow Pansèrs G&P. I invited them for coffee. I noticed the usual ‘nods’ and ‘winks’ between G and the baristas as I tried to pay. I didn’t stand a chance. I invited them for coffee, they paid. How does that work?

Italy both delights and frustrates me in equal measures. The friends we have made fall firmly on the delight side of the equation.


Yesterday’s ride. Not bad speed for an old git:

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 23.48.14

Year to date

3,974km / 39 rides / 101.9km average per ride

34,247m elevation gain (3.8 Everests)

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