New year, ‘new’ bike, new members

Photo: New recruits to Islington Cycling Club.

It’s that time of year for lots of new stuff. My last blog of 2018 promised a “better than new” bike after her winter strip down and service. I can say it’s certainly as good as new. The drive chain moves smoothly with her new chain ring, chain and cassette. Gear changing is very smooth with the new cables.

Today was also for new riders to ICC. We organise Introductory Rides so that we can explain how to ride in a group, go out for a spin and then explain what ICC is all about over coffee. 19 riders turned up for this session so we split into two groups. According to our newsletter, ICC is now London’s largest cycling club. It’s also wonderfully international. On today’s ride a Dutchman, Belgian, Brazilian, Spaniard and a rider from Gernsey. It was easily the fastest Intro Ride I have ever lead. Most of them younger, fitter and faster than me.

One of the new elements on the bike is a rear wheel. It was getting way too thin with brake wear and might have collapsed. That’s the reason I had the bike serviced. I wanted her in good shape before my big challenge of 2019 starting next Saturday when I start the qualifying rides for Paris-Brest-Paris with a 200k ride. I need to do this plus a 300k, 400k and 600k before mid June.

The good news is that Audax Club Parisien have recognised my 600k ride in 2018 so I can pre-register on the 28th January.



2019 Year to date

Rides: 5

Km: 472.4

Average per ride: 94.48

Climbing metres: 3,698


  • Exciting for 2019!! Question though: how did you know that ACP ‘recognised’ your 600? Was there a website you used to check, or did you have to email them?


    • Tiffany,
      I went to this page: created an account, entered my Audax UK number and hey presto my 600k pre-qualifier appeared. I clicked the green button in the bottom right hand corner to ‘approve’ (no idea why I had to do that but I did) and received the message that my 600k is now approved. 1,000+ pre-registration opens tomorrow (today for you), but I have to wait until the 28th. Hope this helps. Colin.


      • Thanks Colin! I’ve created an account but the 1200+ BRMs are not yet available so I guess I’ll have to wait. My next longest is a 300 and that one came up, so the system has found me. Just can’t find my LRM in the system yet.


      • I guess the acid test is if you can pre-register on the 14th (Europe) as a 1,000+ completer. If not then maybe worth contacting Audax Australia to help. Us mere mortals who have only done a 600k have to wait until the 28th January so you have until then to sort it out.


      • I have the same dilema. I reckon I could do it in 80 but imagine finishing in 82 on your first PBP and not making the cut. The advantage of the 80 is that you start a little earlier and there will be fewer at the controls. Getting a completion though has to be the bigger prize than risking the 80. You have decide before I do (that’s called a cop out!). In bocca al lupo.

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