Road to Paris, another small step

Planning was my forte in my career. I haven’t dropped the habit since retiring in 2014.

Reminders were set. Two devices at the ready, just in case. At the stroke of 23:00 in the UK this evening I started the Pre-registration process for PBP. Competing with hundreds, maybe thousands, of others around the world the ACP website was understandably a bit slow.

As I progressed through the process I had a bit of a scare. My 600km homologation number was the same as another rider for a 400km ride. I chose mine and was relieved to see my details appear. Then another scare. A 505 Gateway timeout message. A quick back page sorted that out and on I went. Only one more step. Pay the fee. Only it asked for an event number to be entered. What event number? Forums and Facebook were alive with lots of people having the same problem. Another back page and there it was. Forward again and entered the magic PBP-nnnn. On to PayPal. Phew. It worked.

I have my Pre-registration number and confirmation email for a 19:00 start for the 90 hour event.

Another step towards the starting line.


Rides: 10

Distance: 1,133.4 km

Average distance per ride: 113.3 km

Elevation gain: 7,829m

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