Helping Hand

Photo: GioMare helping out one of the younger riders

I suppose the village fete is the nearest we get in the UK to a “Festa della Solidarietà”. The village of Centinarola, the home of my Italian cycling club, La Centinarolese has been holding a four day festival to celebrate everything Centinarolese.

Thursday night I spent some time setting out cones for a cycling gymkhana for the little ones. Today I was a mobile marshal. I’m not sure the Italian term translates as well – not sure I should call myself a mobile escort. Armed with red flags, a number of us rode ahead of the group to block off junctions, wait for them to pass, then overtake the group to resume blocking duties. A rolling road block to accompany the two scooters from the Protezione Civile and the Polizzioti who stopped traffic in Fano.

It was a family ride from Centinarola to Fano and back. Only 13km but wonderful to see riders from 5 to 75 in the sunshine on their bikes.


Rides: 42

Distance: 5,715 km

Average distance per ride: 136 km

Elevation gain: 49,335m (5.57 Everests)

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