2020 vision

“The 1001 Miles is the longest and most extreme bicycle randonée of the old continent”


I’ve just received confirmation of my pre-registration for the 1001 Miglia. That last mile makes a big difference. I assume it’s to differentiate the event from the 1000 Miglia – a very different event on four wheels, not two.

This means my big cycling challenges for 2020 are:

The Giro di Muscoli in June. A 2,300+ km Grand Tour style event between my two cycling clubs, via Arnhem in The Netherlands, to raise money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease. London-Arnhem-Fano.

The 1001 Miglia in August. A 1,600+ km audax in Italy. It’s the second event of my attempt to qualify for the “Europe Challenge Randonnèe” award. Having completed Paris-Brest-Paris this year I will have to complete the 1001 Miglia in 2020, London-Edinburgh-London in 2021 and either Madrid-Gijon-Madrid or Köln-Berlin-Hamburg in 2022 to receive this award.


Rides: 76

Distance: 11,073 km

Average distance per ride: 145 km

Elevation gain: 96,453m (10.9 Everests)

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