It’s a short way home

For once I didn’t have to do the 200m climb in 3km up the hill to home at the end of a ride.

Sunday’s club ride finished in our village so it was a short hop home. I completed the ride at walking pace, literally. I cycled alongside Jan from the village as she walked home.

It all started well enough but stalled before the first climb. Luigi had a puncture, then another within seconds of re-starting. That was enough. He did an ET and phoned home to be picked up. As one of the few with a rear light I positioned myself towards the oncoming traffic and used my flashing red light to warn drivers of the repair squad at the side of the road.

Stopping for coffee there was a make up demonstration in the bar. Maddi had her make up refreshed. As you do.

A relatively short ride at 73km, peaking at Sorbolongo with 759m climbing in total. Our reward was wine and bruschetta with this year’s olive oil, all provided by the Cartoceto Pro Loco.

Sadly, our olive oil wasn’t available as, in common with many of our neighbours, we had no harvest this year. Those that did manage a harvest say the yield was much lower than last year’s bumper harvest. Nature taking a rest this year. Hopefully a good harvest next year.

On odd element of the Olive Oil Festival was the display of a Venetian gondola in the piazza. We couldn’t quite work out the connection, but it made an interesting talking point.


Rides: 81

Distance: 11,721 km

Average distance per ride: 144 km

Elevation gain: 102,644m (11.6 Everests)

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