Christmas gifts

Here’s a tip for anyone with a cyclist in their life. Don’t get them any cycling kit for Christmas unless they have briefed you on exactly what they want. A comic jersey is likely to be left in the drawer.

My wife understands this but came up with a brilliant cycling related gift. A hot chocolate maker. Of late I’ve swapped the banana, yoghurt, milk and honey recovery drink for hot chocolate to warm me up after riding in the cold. I tried it today for the first time. It worked a treat. Thank you Jan.

My other Christmas gift arrived from France a few days ago. Audax Club Parisien sent out the final touch for our Paris-Brest-Paris medals. A little red insert with my finishing time. Merci ACP.

Update 31st December:


Rides: 95

Distance: 12,935.8  km

Average distance per ride: 136.1 km

Elevation gain: 111,363m (12.58 Everests)

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