Show me the way to go home

Photo: A bike load of bread and cakes, but not for us.

“Would you like to take any food home with you?” asked the manager of the food bank. “No thank you” we said in unison. That’s not really why we were there.

Fellow ICCer Cliff has been collecting unsold baked goods from Gail’s Bakerys and transporting them to a food bank in Islington.

Jyde and I took a turn to lend Cliff a helping hand. We both had a quick training session on the electric bike before heading off.

First stop, Gail’s Bakery in Muswell Hill, then their shop in Highgate before our final stop at the bottom of Swain’s Lane.

Cliff regaled us with stories of having to climb Swain’s Lane with a full load of food. On one occasion the battery ran out and he had to grind up the hill unaided.

Jyde and I exchanged glances, then asked Cliff why on earth he needed to do that (only not so politely). “It’s the way back to the food bank” he replied “No it isn’t”, we responded (only not so politely).

We pointed out a better way back without all that climbing. We later calculated that Cliff’s route was 3.7km with 72m of climbing and Jyde’s was 3km and 17m of climbing! Our biggest contribution of the evening turned out to be navigation advice.

Hopefully Cliff’s rides will be a little easier from now on.

Update 31st March

Another run today with Cliff and Armando. We found out that Gail’s are closing their bakeries at Muswell Hill and Highgate. We collected a bumper amount today but that’s it for those shops until they re-open.

Update 7th April

We now have a rota organised. Two of us for each run. I rode with Jyde today. My first time on the electric cargo bike – it shifts! Great news is that despite the bakeries closing, Greens of Muswell Hill and Greens of Highgate came up trumps, and some nice treats from Gail’s Bakery on Swain’s Lane. Thank you guys.


  • Well done Colin! Eager to lend a hand, we could cover Gails in Camden Belsize Park and Kentish Town if that helps. Let me know..

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    • Thank you Mark, that’s great. I’ll pass on your message to Cliff Hall (@Cliff on the Forum) as he organises it. We were just supporting him.


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