Boris Bike

Photo: Wearing my Motor Neurone Disease Association cycling jersey outside a famous door.

We are allowed out once a day for exercise. I have been splitting my cycling between the real and the virtual worlds so that I’m not out on the streets every day. I’ve also combined my exercise with my work as an NHS Volunteer Responder and as a food bank collector with my ICC clubmates.

So far, when the NHS application alarm has gone off the person needing help was supposedly 150m away. Except they never are. The good news for me is that they are a little further away. My last task, to collect and deliver medicine for an old lady in isolation was in Camberwell. The lady couldn’t believe I cycled from Islington to help her. I tried to explain that 8km to get to the pharmacy was just a warm up for me. As an audaxer, I’d be happy to ride 100km to help someone.

Today’s ride was just for me. A little exercise to create room for some Easter Sunday indulgence later. On the way back from Chiswick Bridge I rode up Whitehall then stopped for a quick photo.

It’s fake news. I did take the photo outside a famous door, but it’s famous for looking like another famous door. It’s a house off the Strand. No. 10, Adam Street.

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