Giro di Muscoli – Stage 5 Ancona, 209km

Photo: A classic Italian icon

Stage 5 Ancona, Thursday 17th Sep

Six years ago this month I started cycling. It was 9 months after I’d broken my back skiing. I needed some exercise as part of my recovery. I could only swim or cycle. I thought swimming was boring but cheap, cycling was interesting but expensive. I chose cycling. A good job, otherwise the Giro di Muscoli would not exist.

I started on the Circuito Ciclistico Enzo Marconi in Fano. No lycra, no special shoes, just trainers and a T shirt.

Round and round I went until I got up to about 50km. That’s when I learnt why cyclists wear a pad. My arse was so sore I could not get off the bike or walk to the car. Jan thought it was hilarious. The next day I bought some padded shorts and I’ve never looked back.

I thought I’d pay homage to those days by starting my ride with a few nostalgic circuits before heading off for Ancona alone.

Once again the banter was online:

On the way back I got a message from Peter, an English friend living in Fano. “Can I join you for some your rides if you are nearby?” he enquired. As he lives close to the Circuito I suggested we do a few laps on my way back. We had a great chat. The 20km or so flew by. Thank you Peter. He plans to join me for the last Stage and the Giro di Muscoli Replay on the 4th of October.

After the laps I headed to see Stefano, the local Bianchi dealer. I’d spotted a very worrying crack in my top tube. Like me he couldn’t tell if was just the paint or the carbon. He pulled at it but the crack didn’t open, a good sign. He took some photos which will be sent to Bianchi this evening. I hope it’s going to be ok. It will be a very nervous ride tomorrow.

Stage Stats: 209km | 523m climbing | 5,722 calories

Giro Stats: 5 Stages | 905km | 4,081m climbing | 27,332 calories

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