Giro di Muscoli – 15th and Final Stage, Gabbice Monte – Fano, 82km

Photo: Soon after the big moment when I clocked up the 2,300km of the Giro on the Panoramica.

Stage 15 Gabicce Monte – Fano, Sunday 27th Sep

“Quanti kilometri?” asked Giovanni. “Cinque” I replied. “Ragazzi, cinque kilometri” Giovanni shouted to the group. “Quanti kilometri?” he asked again, “Quattro”, “Quattro kilometri” he announced. And so it went on. Giovanni counting down the kilometres to the 62km mark for me for the day. This was the point at which I clocked up the 2,300km of the Giro di Muscoli. I was being escorted by a number of Pansèr club mates along the Panoramica to the finish in Fano.

Daniele had ridden ahead to capture the moment:

Soon after we stopped for photos. They were taken a few minutes after we stopped. I needed a little time to compose myself after an emotional moment having achieved the 15 Stage total.

A few kilometres before, we had stopped at Gabbice Monte for coffee. Domenico, the owner of Bar La Piazzetta asked about the Giro di Muscoli jerseys. After explaining what we were up to, he went to the bar and returned with a cash donation. Grazie Domenico, molto gentile.

The Panoramica between Gabbice Monte and Pesaro is my favourite ride, winding it’s way along the cliff top. The Adriatic to the left, the mountains in the distance to the right.

Arriving in Piazza XX Settembre in Fano to mark the end of the Giro, we were surprised to find none of the bars were open. Jan had already been searching but to no avail. I asked my club mates where the best place was to go for some bubbles. The answer came from a local expert, Peter O’Donoghue!

A final photo before heading off to the bar. My Italian club mates have adopted showing their biceps as the symbol of the Giro di Muscoli.

We headed home to watch the live stream of the closing ceremony of the Giro in the Netherlands.

Jeanne revealed the total donations so far.

An astounding €104,500

From Jan, Jeanne, Gerben, every one who worked on the Giro and me, a heart felt thank you for all the support and donations for MND patients in the UK, Netherlands and Italy.

Thank you | Heel erg bedankt | Grazie mille

Stage Stats: 82km | 583m climbing | 2,466 calories

Giro Stats: 15 Stages | 2,320km | 19,468m climbing | 70,059 calories

£ donations (GiftAid please if you can):

€ donations:


  • Colin, a tremendous achievement in every way I can think of. Fortitude and inspiration to adapt and change the organisation of the Giro due to the pandemic. A great reflection of your feelings for Gerben. Outstanding!!

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  • Thank you Gino. We had to adapt the Giro due to Covid. As Ron (Gerben’s brother) said, Motor Neurone Disease patients have to adapt every day to their condition, so it was incumbent on us to do the same. Thank you so much for all your support of the Giro, including that memorable ride out to Maldon in June. Grazie Gino, tu sei molto gentile. Un abbraccio.


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