Today is the last day of the audax season.

A year ago today I was knocked off my bike. Not being able to ride for a few weeks gave me time to plan my 2022 cycling year.

I had four objectives.

  1. Continue my quest to complete the Italian Grand Tour. This meant finishing both Sicilia No Stop and Alpi400. ✅
  2. Finishing Hamburg-Berlin-Cologne-Berlin. A post Covid viral infection resulted in my first ever DNF. ✖️
  3. Finishing London-Edinburgh-London. Whilst I finished well within the time limit we are waiting for official homologation. ✅
  4. Becoming an International Super Randonneur. Qualifying rides were in Slovenia, UK, Italy and France ✅

I’m particularly pleased to achieve the International Super Randonneur title. Issued by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux I’ve got the 180th award from LRM. Some riders having earned more than one award. My next target is the International Super Randonneur 1,000 which is for four rides over 1,000km in four different countries. So far I have qualifying rides in Italy and the UK so half way there already.

Now I’m thinking about 2023’s plan which includes 6+6Ajò Sardegna, TransAlp Rando and my second Paris-Brest-Paris.


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