Challenge Lepertel

The world governing body of audaxes longer than 1,200km is called Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM).

At the general assembly in 2019, the LRM adopted a new Challenge Lepertel award. The award recognizes riders who complete a 1200km or longer event (LRM event or PBP) in each of four consecutive years not all in the same country.

This award commemorates former ACP President Robert Lepertel, who reinvigorated Paris-Brest-Paris and was instrumental in the founding and early development of Les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Although some adjustments had to be made for the disruptions caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the first group of awardees can now be recognized.

A hearty “Chapeau!” to these riders.

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux

Yesterday the LRM published the names of the 71 riders from around the world who qualified for the inaugural award (2019-2022).

I am honoured that my name is included in this list of global randonneurs, including my friends Salvatore Pepe and Gennaro Laudando.

My sincere thanks to those who helped me along the way, including Pino Piermaria (who got me started), Stefano Mancini (Bianchi bikes in Fano), my friends from La Centinarolese (my Italian Cycling Club), Islington Cycling Club (my London club), Pino Leone (Captain of Audax Randonneur Italia), everyone at Audax UK, Audax Randonneur Italia, all the riders I have ridden with and all the volunteers who’ve organised and supported audaxes around the world.

My biggest thank you is to my wife Jan for supporting me during these challenges. In 2022 I was away from home for a total of 7 weeks for Sicilia No Stop, Alpi4000, Hamburg-Berlin-Cologne-Hamburg and LEL. Thank you darling.

My qualifying rides for the award were:

The full list of riders:

Galin Abraham (India)

Hamid Akbarian (United States)

Randy T Anderson (United States)

Antonio Belda Valero (Spain)

Robert Brudvik (United States)

Manuel Burgos Flores (Spain)

Jan Buschardt (Denmark)

Claus Hviid Christensen (Denmark)

J Andrew Clayton (United States)

Joris Cosyn (Belgium)

John D’Elia (United States)

Daniel De Nijs (Belgium)

Mimo Demarco (United States)

Titei Dragomir (Romania)

Dan Driscoll (United States)

Kazuhiro Eguchi (Japan)

Cesar Estebanez Alonso (Spain)

Colin Fisher (Italy)

Paul A Foley (United States)

David Francés Valor (Spain)

Manuel Fuentes Pico (Spain)

Apostolos-Gerasimos Gazis (Greece)

David Gonzalez Serrano (Spain)

Makiyo Goto (Japan)

Misha Marin Heller (United States)

Xander Hensing (Netherlands)

Udo Huiskes (Germany)

Masaru Ijichi (Japan)

Sven Iliaens (Italy)

Mitch Ishihara (United States)

Chikara Iwamoto (Japan)

Tal Katzir (Israel)

Stephen P Kenny (Canada)

Nikolaos Konstantopoulos (Greece)

Gennaro Laudando (Italy)

Yvon Le Coarer (France)

Franck Leruse (Belgium)

Francis Lim (Australia)

Javier Magro Godoy (Spain)

José Ramon Marín Fernández (Spain)

Charlie A Martin (United States)

Masahiko Mifune (Japan)

Yuichiro Minakuchi (Japan)

Juan Pedro Moreno Garcia (Spain)

Manuel Morente Paez (Spain)

José Alfonso Muñiz Plaza (Spain)

Antonio Muñoz Bernal (Spain)

Vincent Muoneke (United States)

Ichiro Nagasue (Japan)

Jeff Newberry (United States)

Thai Nguyen (United States)

Felipe Alberto Nóvoa Conde (Spain)

Ryoji Ogawa (Japan)

Leigh Paterson (Australia)

Michael Patzer (Germany)

Salvatore Pepe (Italy)

Frederic Perman (Canada)

Juan Carlos Pinedo Peña (Spain)

Carles Ros Sánchez (Spain)

Diego Manuel Ruiz Vega (Spain)

Fernando Sendra Cabrera (Spain)

Vernon M Smith (United States)

Michael R Sturgill (United States)

Bradford D Tanner (United States)

Mark Thomas (United States)

W David Thompson (United States)

Joseph H Todd (United States)

Yasuhiko Tomioka (Japan)

Dmitriy Velchev (Bulgaria)

Lazar Vladislavov (Bulgaria)

Pavlos Voliotis (Greece)

Hideaki Yamana (Japan)

Jovan Živković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


  • In the words of our friend Rod ‘no one likes a show off’. But we would never say that, fantastic achievement, well done you. No Brits, bloody Brexit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s told me! Thank you both. I spotted no Brits, surprising as loads did PBP in 2019 so the other 3 could have been done in the UK but I don’t think there was a 1,200+ in every year for them to do.


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