Let there be light

Photo: The Holi festival comes a little early in Málaga.

Winter sun training camp, Málaga, Day 4

Up to now we’ve been riding/running in the afternoon and eating late with the Málagueña. Dinner at 10 or 11pm is not uncommon. A change of plan today so that we can have Sunday lunch meant an early start. Too early.

I’m ready to roll at 7am to get a 100km done before lunchtime. Only problem was, it was dark. I have lights to be seen but not lights to see, so back to bed until first light just before 8am.

I head towards Marbella. It’s just as well it’s Sunday morning as the only road to Torremolinos along the coast is a dual carriageway with armco barriers. Scary stuff. I really don’t recommend it. I learnt later that some of the locals call it the Autovia de la Muerte (road of death). I can see why.

At Fuengirola I join the many cyclists riding the seafront road. I pass the “Only Fools and Horses cafe”,  “Bulldog Bar”, “Union Jack pub”, you get the idea.

Next time you can’t decide what to eat I recommend the “Mexican, Italian and Indian Steakhouse”


Year to date

1,950km / 20 rides / 97.5km average per ride

16,465m elevation gain (1.86 Everests)

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