Twin Turbo

Photo: Keep the sea on my right on the way out, and on the left on the way back. “Simples”

Winter sun training camp, Málaga, Day 3

Today’s ride was computer navigation free. A coastal ride trying to keep as close to the blue stuff as possible. East from Málaga until the clock struck 60km then back again.

Today I was picked up. Twice.

The first was before the ride had even began. The lift in the apartment block we are staying in quite small. If I hold the bike vertically and put it in diagonally it just about fits with enough room for me. Just. On the way down the lift stopped at the second floor and a charming eighty something lady asks if I’m going to the ground floor. She is all dressed up, the full helmet head hair do, but quite small (a 5′ measure would be more than enough).  She pushed right up against me and smiled. I think she just enjoyed rubbing up against lycra again as she proceeded to tell me that her late husband was a cyclist. I’d pulled before I’d even turned my Garmin on!

My second pick up was about 20km in when I heard a shout from behind me “Islington, jump on the back”. It was a group of five riders from Gemini BC in South London. I jumped on the back, partnered with Gavin to make up two rows of three and hurtled along at about 8km/h faster than I was doing on my own. A shame it only lasted for about 10km. The guys turned around to head back to Torremolinos. I thanked them for the ride, it was a very welcome turbo boost.

I’ve just emailed Gemini Bicycle Club to say thank you.


Year to date

1,850km / 19 rides / 97.36km average per ride

15,930m elevation gain (1.8 Everests)

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