Brit ride

Photo: An English/Welshman, Englishman and an Scotsman walked into a pub…

One of the reasons we chose the Marche region of Italy was the relative lack of Brits. It forced us to learn the language and make Italian friends. That was all before social media.

I got to know Pete on Strava for several months before we met. The same goes for Stuart, this time it was Facebook. The ride was the first time I’d met Stuart in the real world.

We met for coffee in Fano (I’d already put in 40km) and enjoyed a classic ride along the Panoramica. We followed that by Stuart’s choice of a bit more climbing on the way back to Fano for lunch.

Riding, coffee, chat and lunch. Much more fun than the virtual world.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 20.16.46.png

Year to date

12,981km / 115 rides / 112 km average per ride

132,183m elevation gain (14.9 Everests)

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