A right pain in the ….

Photo: “So how many coffees? Three large ginseng’s, or was it four? Hands up who had coffee? What about the people outside. Did any one have water? Let’s start again. Who had coffee?” It took longer to sort out the bill than make and drink the coffee.

Yesterday I got back from a ride at about 1 o’clock. Jan was just leaving for her morning run. “You’re a bit late for your run” I observed. “I’m not late, I’ve just re-ordered my day” Brilliant. Jan has a wonderful way with words.

I had to re-order my week to keep off the bike. The price of being an ex gymnast is that every now and again my damaged lumbar disc shifts resulting in debilitating pain. It can happen at any time. This time I was on a ride when it went. I managed to get home but I spent the week in a state of “distorto” as my Italian friends observed.

At least the riding position is relatively comfortable, so I was back on the bike this weekend. A couple of club rides. Pain in the climbs as the spine compressed but at least I got out.

I’m hoping I will be fine for my last audax of the season, a 200k ride in Umbria* in two weeks time. Here’s hoping all will be back in order by then.

*Update 10th October: I have just received notification that the audax has been postponed for a week due to ‘technical’ issues. I’ve no idea what that means but I can’t make it on the 28th so that’s it for my 2017/18 audax season. The new season starts on the 1st November so my next audax will be in the UK.


Year to date

12,447km / 110 rides / 113 km average per ride

127,823m elevation gain (14.4 Everests)

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