A tube with a view

Photo: The results of my gastroscopy today. I have spared you the colour photos from inside my esophagus and stomach that I received from the hospital.

“Let’s see what the camera reveals on Monday” were the closing words from my last blog entry. Now we know.

We travelled to Camerino for the procedure. It only lasted a few minutes but a camera down the throat, through the stomach and into the duodenum wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was given the option of either a general anaesthetic or a numbing spray in the mouth. I didn’t fancy having to stay at the hospital for an hour or two after the general so opted for the spray. That meant we left the hospital 10 minutes after the procedure.

The whole thing was brilliantly organised. We had booked the appointment on Saturday. We arrived 11:40 for my 12:00 appointment. We were briefed by a nurse at 11:50 ready for the procedure at 12:00. He was excellent. He spoke slowly and clearly so we could understand, including the anaesthesia options. Whilst we were there Jan ended up translating for a Scotsman who, despite living in the area, didn’t seem to speak much Italian.

There is a reason they ask you not to eat or drink for at least 6 hours before the procedure. No matter how relaxed or determined you are not to wretch, it’s impossible not to. At least the nurse and doctor were spared the sight of anything unpleasant on the pillow. I had nothing to offer.

The diagnosis is a hiatus hernia at the entrance to my stomach. It’s not serious, it just has to be managed. That’s the official diagnosis, old age is my version.

The treatment is PPI when needed. For those of us from the UK, PPI means something completely different. Who knew Payment Protection Insurance could be used to treat a hernia!

Does this mean I won’t ride as much? Does this mean I won’t ride Paris-Brest-Paris. What do you think?



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