Super Stupid

Photo: My online certificate that proves I’m crazy.

Good news. Bad news.

The good news is that I have completed my registration for Paris-Brest-Paris. I will be on the starting line.

Further good news is that I’ve become an Audax UK Super Randonneur for completing at least one 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km audax in one season. The 200km and 300km in the UK, 400km and 600km in Italy reflecting our split locations.

I have to confess to being a little bit proud. Five years after breaking my back I become a Super Randonneur. Madness.

Screenshot 2019-06-01 at 12.13.42.png

The bad news is that I am not riding the Randogiro dell’Emilia 600km this weekend.

Yesterday I spent 7 hours in Pronto Soccorso (A&E) with abdominal pains. Fortunately my ECG and blood tests were normal, suggesting nothing too serious. I have a gastroscopy on Monday to take a look. The pain comes and goes, but is manageable. I contemplated doing the Randogiro but the possibility of being stuck alone at 3 am in the middle of nowhere with a medical problem suggested that skipping it was a better option. I am so glad I completed the qualifying 600km two weeks ago in the rain.

Let’s see what the camera reveals on Monday.


Rides: 35

Distance: 4,974 km

Average distance per ride: 142.1 km

Elevation gain: 42,910m (4.84 Everests)



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