CBRE sponsors the Giro di Muscoli

Photo: Deniz Arslan of CBRE Netherlands (left) handing over the sponsorship money to the Giro di Muscoli Foundation.

It was just like my old working life. Up early, train to Gatwick, flight to Amsterdam, taxi to an office, presentation, taxi to Schipol, train back to London. All in a day.

The difference was that this time it was for the formal signing for the sponsorship money for the Giro di Muscoli.

I started my presentation in shirt and jacket. I commented on how warm it was and removed my jacket. I then watched their worried faces as I started to take my shirt off. What they didn’t know is that I was wearing my Islington Cycling Club (ICC) jersey under my shirt. It was by way of explanation that the Giro di Muscoli is a ride between my two clubs, ICC in London and SCD Centinarolese (I Pansèr) in Fano, Italy. At that point I stripped again to reveal my Italian club jersey. All to raise money for research and care of patients of Motor Neurone Disease / ALS / SLA

We finished the meeting with the formal signing and a great lunch. A big thank you to CBRE for making the Giro di Muscoli possible. Dank u zeer.

CBRE issued this Press Release today:

General message;
Main sponsor CBRE presented a donation to organisers Colin Fisher and Gerben Gravendeel of the Giro Di Muscoli foundation. This foundation is organising an epic bicycle tour from London to Fano (Italy) in 2020, with the aim of raising money for research into ALS and improving the quality of life of ALS patients. International real estate advisor CBRE supports this mission and therefore sponsors the Giro di Muscoli. Curious about the # GirodiMuscoli2020? Then check the website: for more information.

Message for people who know Gerben Gravendeel;
Regular participant in the Amsterdam City Swim and ALS patient Gerben Gravendeel received as a board member of the ‘Giro Di Muscoli‘ foundation on Friday, November 22 a donation from main sponsor CBRE, an international real estate advisor with whom Gerben cooperates a lot. Together with good friend and cyclist Colin Fisher, Gerben organises the GiroDiMuscoli in 2020: an epic bike ride from London to Fano (Italy). The aim is to raise as much money as possible for research into ALS and to improve the quality of life of ALS patients. Do you want to cycle along a stage, or just curious? Then check the website: for more information.


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