Giro di CBRE London

CBRE Netherlands are the main sponsor of the Giro di Muscoli

Regular readers will know about the Lockdown Lunacy that is the Tours de London. A collection of rides that map out boundaries (London Boroughs, Congestion Zones, that sort of thing) that I started during lockdown.

Recently my Giro di Muscoli jersey arrived. It looks really good.

Combining these two things, Jan came up with an idea.

Why don’t you do a tour of the CBRE offices in London?

Great idea.

Could I take a photo with their logo on the jersey and on the building? It didn’t start well. The first building doesn’t have a CBRE logo on display at the main entrance. Undeterred, I discovered the staff entrance around the back.

The CBRE logo on the jersey is so effective that at one office they thought I was an employee. I explained I wasn’t and continued on my way.

Thank you so much to CBRE Netherlands for sponsoring the Giro di Muscoli.

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Thank you

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