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Photo: The Giro di Muscoli jersey ready for June 2020.

On Saturday 6th June I was due to start an epic ride from London to Fano in Italy. 2,300km over 2 weeks. All to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease patients. The Giro di Muscoli. This was to be Stage 1, the Grand Départ from London to Harwich (139km) before catching the overnight ferry for Stage 2 the next day from the Hook of Holland to Arnhem (160km).

Charities all over the world have seen their income drop dramatically as fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed. The Giro di Muscoli is no exception, it has been postponed to September when we hope the world will be a better place.

During the lockdown I’ve kept fit by a combination of a newly acquired trainer, using my bike to help people as an NHS Volunteer Responder, collecting food on a cargo bike for a food bank and slowly increasing my solo riding.

On Saturday 6th June I can’t just sit at home wondering what it would have been like riding the Grand Départ with so many of my ICC club mates. I’ve decided to ride Stage 1 to Harwich alone. I will have to cycle back home of course, which is in effect Stage 1 and Stage 2 in one day. I will have to ride 299km to equal the two stages.

I will carry all my own food and I have downloaded two water fountain location apps so I can fill up without contacting anyone. It’s going to be a long solo day but I just can’t sit by and do nothing.

Here’s the route I’m planning to take. As Stage 2 was to be Hook of Holland to Arnhem, my return route goes through Holland-on-Sea. The closest I can get the The Netherlands.

Club mates Gino and Jyde are joining me for part of the way then returning to London. We’re meeting at 05:00 – what a commitment from them to the cause.

Thank you so much to all those people who have donated recently. That is very generous of you in these uncertain times.

If this inspires you in any way to help, then please join those who’ve already donated to my Motor Neurone Disease Association fundraising page:

Euro donations can be made directly on the Giro di Muscoli website

Thank you

Today’s exercise was a walk to the Southbank with my wife to take some photos to promote the Giro di Muscoli and what is now the Petit Départ on the 6th June.

The new dates for the Giro di Muscoli are Saturday 12th September to Sunday 27th September.


  • Fantastic Colin, thank you so much, so sorry that it the brilliant Giro di Muscoli isn’t going ahead as planned and wishing I could be there to support you on the 6th. Take care, Russell.

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    • Thank you Russell. Another anonymous donation came in last night, probably from the USA. I think my friend Rita was behind it but I don’t know. Thank you to them.


  • Fantastic Colin, thank you so much. I’m so sorry the brilliant Giro di Muscoli can’t go ahead as you carefully planned but this little teaser should be good practice for September. I wish I could be there to support you on the 6th but I look forward to reading your report back on the day. Take care, best wishes, Russell.

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  • Good luck with the ride! Fantastic that you put in so much effort! Proud that your idea is inspiring so many others. Very gratefull, dear friend.


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