Allegra II

Photo: Allegra the second

Following from my First and Last post, today was my first ride on the replacement frame, Allegra II. Following the Orange Zone rules I kept within the confines of the Comune.

Last night I collected her from Stefano’s home. Stefano is the Bianchi dealer in the Comune of Fano. That was the problem. I’m only allowed to travel outside my Comune, Cartoceto, for work, education or medical reasons. None of these covers getting my bike to a bike shop.

By an amazing co-incidence Stefano happens to live in my Comune and he is allowed to cross the border for work. I dropped off Allegra I at Stefano’s place in the morning and collected Allegra II from his place in the evening. Not only did he change everything over in one day but he refused to charge me. I tried several times to pay him but he was having none of it. At least I gave him a bottle of our olive oil to say thank you. Grazie mille Stefano, tu sei molto gentile.

I have to admit that I preferred the colour scheme of Allegra I. The new frame feels ever so slightly heavier, but I haven’t weighed her yet. She copes much better with road vibration, which is really helpful on the local roads as they are so bad.

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