Back to Yellow

Photo: Panattone (literally big bread) in the piazza at Fermignano

From yesterday the Marche region returned to the Covid yellow zone. For the last month we’ve been in the orange zone. We’ve been allowed to ride our bikes but only within our Comunes.

There are 7,918 Comunes in Italy. The difference in size is enormous. If you live in the Comune of Rome you have 1,307 km2 to cycle around. If you are unlucky enough to live in Atrani in Campagnia you’ve only got 0.12km2 to ride in.

Our Comune is quite small at 23.2 km2. I managed to work out a 25km circuit within the boundary and stuck to that:

A few riders decided the law doesn’t apply to them and rode through different Comunes during the Orange Zone restrictions. I know this because they posted their rides on Strava!

I went mad and rode through the Comunes of Colli al Matauro, Montefelcino, Fossombrone, Fermignano and Acqualagna.

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